07 August 2009

Manohara Odelia Pinot -- Part XXII -- Daisy Going to Jail?

The pressure is mounting on the Indonesian authorities to act on the allegations and complaints that Daisy Fajarina is guilty of abusing a domestic servant under her care whilst in France and that Daisy has been convicted of those crimes in France. It is alleged that Daisy is on the run from French authorities and that there is an Interpol Red Notice out for her.

The maid, Shaleha (Shaliha) Lanti, with the assistance of Ratna Sarumpaet, has filed a complaint at the Office of the Attorney General. In essence, the complaint states that Daisy is a convicted criminal and on the run, and that the Indonesian authorities need to be more pro-active in ensuring that Daisy faces justice for her crimes.

According to Ratna, the Deputy Attorney General for General Crimes, Abdul Hakim Ritonga, suggested that the Office of the Attorney General would be ready to assist if there was an order from Interpol. The Red Notice, if it exists as it is claimed, would be sufficient for this purpose. The question then becomes, "are the Indonesian authorities serious about facilitating the return of Daisy to France or merely paying lip service to the idea?"

The saga continues.

No apologies for boring you. If you do not care anymore about the case, then just skip the Manohara posts :D

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Anonymous said...

Ha! Serves her right. Although I was "spared" from Indonesian TV gossip news and I couldn't really follow all the Manohara newsflashes along with those so-called special interviews with the mom, I have alwyas felt that she's the kind of mom who would do ANYTHING to make her daughter popular - and that also means that she is also capable of doing ANYTHING. period.

No suprise about the maid torturing case though but how the hell could she afford a maid when she lived in France? I mean, maid is luxury here in Europe :)

Rob Baiton said...


Although you were spared the gossip shows, I was doing my very best to unspare you with my regular updates :D

Yep, this is certainly a case of semakin lama semakin jelas with regards to what this woman seems to be capable of.

Here's the thing on the maid issue. I think the girl that ended up as the maid was brought to France on the promise that she would be getting an education blah blah blah. And, then when she arrived she was co-opted into being a domestic servant.

Kind of like lots of poor girls from the kampungs of Asia who are lured to Australia on the promise of education or work and then are given work, but as sex workers.

Funnily enough, we had a discussion around the dinner table recently about maids.

Having lived in Indonesia for so long and being used to having one, and then coming home to Australia and not having one, was an interesting adjustment.

But, yeah, a maid here would be likely to set you back AUD 400 a week (not that I know for sure as I have never had a salary that made it worth enquiring about :D).

Anonymous said...


Why is it "alleged" there is an Interpol Red Notice/charges against her/French police after her etc. Wouldn't this sort of thing be available/confirmable? Surely if Interpol are after her there would be a means of confirming it.


Rob Baiton said...


I do not believe it is alleged. I believe that there is a red notice out on her. I recall reading somewhere that France have made representations to Indonesia about her.

However, I choose to use alleged because some people are still saying it does not exist.

Also, a search of Interpol's website does not turn up her name or the red notice.

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