03 August 2009

Crown Ambassador Reserve -- Luxury Beer

How much is a beer worth? I guess that depends on who you are asking. A beer is worth whatever a willing customer is prepared to pay for it. Foster's is expecting that its contribution to the luxury beer market will enjoy similar success to what it has in the past.

The Crown Ambassador Reserve is supposed to retail at a recommended AUD 70 per bottle. However, even in these depressed financial times, the demand was high, in fact so high, that it was common to see the recommended retail price being ignored and a bottle selling for as much as AUD 120.

Furthermore, it is expected that this year's 6000 bottles will be snapped up by beer connoisseurs within weeks of it being released onto the market. If the 2008 edition is anything to go by all 5000 bottles disappeared just about as quickly as they made it onto shelves.

Do you get bang for the buck. Once again, it depends on what you expect in a beer. The Crown Ambassador Reserve is a dark beer with an alcohol volume of 10.2%. Each of the bottles is individually numbered. The Queen always gets the bottle numbered with the number 1.

So, if expensive dark beer is your thing, then keep an eye out for the Crown Ambassador Reserve. I, myself, will be taking a pass at AD 70 for a single bottle.


GJ said...

Wonder what the shelf life is like? I thought that regular beer had a shelf life of 3 months, but with the higher alcohol percentage maybe it can be a keeper.

For $70-$120 you can get a reasonable scotch, so why bother with the swill!!!!!!!


Rob Baiton said...


I recall reading it shelves for a while and in fact might be better for a few months on the shelf. Could be wrong.

Swill? Now, now :D