15 August 2009

Glenn Beck -- Losing the Plot?

Glenn Beck since arriving on Fox News Channel (FNC) has really and truly lost the plot it seems. Perhaps he had lost it before and people had not noticed?

The bloke is always worth watching. This is for no other reason than finding yourself throughout his rambles shaking your head and going, "are you kidding me?", "did he just say that?", "are you serious?"

Some of his classics of late have involved calling Obama a racist and comparing Obama's health care plan to Hitler's eugenics in Nazi Germany.

These rants have resulted in advertisers fleeing in droves from his show.

Stephen Colbert, who I find to be a very funny man, had this take on it.

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lawmedi said...

I saw this guy for the first time in my life today. He was doing as you said. He doesn't look intelligent either: I wonder why I say that?? Perhaps it his more his antics, evasiveness (and he was asking the questions!!), or interviewee arse licking. He also seemed to be looking to a script for questions, and to someone off air for help and checks from time to time,

My total life experience with this guy - about 5 mins.

Jason said...

This is a great political blog you have here. I have a debate website myself where people can debate freely on a variety of topics that are being added every day. I was wondering if we could possibly do a link exchange. Let me know if this is possible. Jason

Rob Baiton said...


I remember watching him a few times over at CNBC (if I recall correctly) and he was pretty abrasive but asked a good question every now and then.

But since he has moved to FNC I cannot recall even the odd good or right question being asked.

Nope, I would be arguing the bloke has well and truly lost the plot. I do not know what his ratings are like, but with advertisers fleeing en masse, I am guessing that FNC might be considering what there next step is.



I will add a link into my blogroll. If a link exchange is more than that, then you will need to explain to the technologically challenged, like me, what needs to be done :D

Ben said...

Mr. Beck & other folks at fox news obviously are a gift to comedians.
Just put up their videos and bingo. Good laughs.

Which begs a question:
"so who's the pundit and who's the comedian?"

Rob Baiton said...


Interesting take and point.