15 August 2009

Bob Dylan -- A Complete Unknown?

I am a huge Bob Dylan fan. I have been since I was little. I am not sure that my parents understood or even understand today. They have always been supportive though, and bought me a ticket to a Dylan concert for my birthday one year. They have also been forthcoming with albums that are hard to get for birthdays and Christmases.

So, this little story out of Long Branch on the New Jersey shore I found amusing in a really funny kind of a way. Dylan was wondering around the Lake Branch community looking at houses and passing the time before heading off to an evening concert in a nearby town, Lakewood. He is currently touring with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp.

A 68-year-old fella seemingly wandering around aimlessly in your community is certainly going to attract some attention. And, so it was, Dylan attracted the attention of a 24-year-old police officer who stopped Dylan and asked him for some identification.

The funny here is that the in 1985 when this police officer was born, Dylan had already been making music for 24 years at that point in time, and when she asked him for ID he had been making music for five decades. Most people would argue that Dylan is a music icon and that he has been one of the most significant singers and songwriters of the late 20th century. Yet, if you're not a fan, then you're not a fan.

In defense of the first officer, it would seem that in Lang Branch, Dylan is not well-known or a star. A second officer who arrived on the scene to assist the first officer also did not recognize Dylan.

Unfortunately, for Dylan he was carrying no identification. However, the lack of ID was overcome with some polite banter between the police officers and Dylan, and a quick trip back to where the concert people were holed up for confirmation that the man claiming to be Bob Dylan was in fact Bob Dylan.

Fame is certainly relative.

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