05 August 2009

Manohara Odelia Pinot -- Part XX -- A Claim for IDR 3 Billion

Tengku Fakhry has decided that Manohara and Daisy owe him the equivalent of some IDR 3 billion in money that he has provided to them while he was married to Manohara. This claim has been filed in a Malaysian court.

Daisy, in her usual manner, has dismissed the Prince's claim as not only excessive, but plain wrong. According to her, she does not owe the prince a single penny. Actually, Daisy went a little further and added that she thought the prince was acting like he is a God who thinks he can control any one that he wants.

This would seem to exclude Daisy and Manohara as they managed to escape his clutches and have since shown that they have no fear of the man. Not one to miss an opportunity, Daisy added that so far, the prince's behaviour has been a little erratic and it seems that he does not know what he wants; whether he wants Manohara back as his wife or whether he wants to sue her into oblivion.

It seems that this particular saga still has legs and is looking like I can get a few more posts out of my fascination yet. And, there is always the issue of what is going to happen to Daisy on another legal front related to her abuse of a former maid.

Ain't life grand.

By the way, the photo can be found here. I am not sure whether this is a real photo of her or a photo-shopped one, but it looks like a mobile phone capture to my untrained eye.

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