19 August 2009

Miss Tourism Queen 2009 -- Miss Bali Wins

Miss Bali, Yoke Paramita Djati Walujo, has won the Bikini Contest of the Miss Tourism Queen 2009 held in Xinyang, Henan Province in China.

The contest included 120 participants form all parts of the globe. The runners-up came from Russia and Ukraine.

The competition concluded on 17 August 2009.

Congratulations to Miss Bali.


anong said...

Do you think she will get the coverage she deserves??

Rob Baiton said...


Depends. What coverage does she deserve?

I am sure that Marshanda videos are a little more noteworthy in gossip columns and on talk shows now that the girl's mum has come out and said that she is unstable.

I am guessing someone will pick up the story, if they haven't already, and run a short piece.

anong said...

Arrhhhhhhh I just was trying to employ the famous double entendre - yoik - on "coverage". It might be said by some that she warrants no coverage at all.

There must be at least a story in it somewhere; I mean her name is Javanese. And Ive been on about every good beach in Java (4 or 5) and have never seen anything like that dress.

Recall that burquinis are banned en France.

To my mind those contests are a bit silly; but I would still attend if invited.

Rob Baiton said...


I figured as much.