16 August 2009

Brad Pitt, Religion, and Gay Marriage...

I like Brad Pitt. I think that he is a good actor and the man speaks his mind. Besides he is married to Angelina Jolie and raising a whole bunch of kids. So, what's not to like? Well, perhaps if you are not so into a liberal agenda that questions religion and those who practice a religion trampling on the rights of others, someone who is an open supporter of gay marriage, and who is pro-marijuana, then Brad Pitt is probably not your cup of tea.

Pitt did a spot on Bill Maher's show the other day (video at the bottom), and prior to that gave a lengthy interview to Parade magazine where he also laid out some of his ideas on a range of subjects.

It seems that the main beef is that those with an active and practicing religion are often at the forefront of arguing that some people should not be afforded certain rights because of their beliefs. The Pitt philosophy is that the same freedoms that those practicing religion enjoy must be enjoyed by those with different beliefs.

This is a valid point. I have always argued that if you want to believe in a religion and you think it makes you a better person then go for it. However, if your beliefs impact on my rights not to believe in the same religion then there is likely to be a problem; a respect problem. I respect you and expect in return that you respect me. Simple really.

Whether you agree or disagree with gay marriage, there are a couple of realities to be confronted. The first would be that if you truly believe in God and you believe that God disapproves of gay marriage then God will at the appropriate time make those disapprovals known to the parties concerned. Second, don't people have a right to happiness? And, who then has a right to take that happiness away?

It was interesting to see that Pitt calls himself a joint-rolling artist, but has given up the wacky weed since becoming a father because he needs to be alert. I understand the alert part with kids running around, but every one might need to relax now and then, even Mr. Pitt.

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