19 August 2009

Pregnant With 12 Babies -- Maybe Not As It Seems...

Perhaps everyone jumped the gun a little bit on this story. Earlier today I wrote about a Tunisian woman who was allegedly pregnant with 12 babies and was due sometime soon, perhaps even this month.

However, officials in the woman's home town of Gafsa are saying that the woman may not even be pregnant at all and that she has a history of psychological problems and likely made the whole thing up. Apparently, she has been interviewed by health officials and according to the health officials she does not even look pregnant, let alone being almost nine months pregnant and carrying 12 babies.

All the experts interviewed were sceptical that it was possible, and even if it were done or possible then they were all concerned about the responsibility of such a large number of fetuses being implanted at any one time. It seems that the experts were pretty much on the money on this one. I guess that is why they are experts.

It is thought that not only may the woman at the center of the claims be psychologically unwell, it seems that the story might have been concocted as a means of making money from TV and other media outlets. Perhaps the inspiration being Octomum, Nadya Suleman, who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars off her story and eight little ones. The fact that she is a single mum with 14 kids is also a pretty news worthy story for a number of reasons.

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