09 August 2009

Child Pornography -- The Cat Did It!

This certainly puts a new twist on the old claim that the dog ate my homework.

A Florida man accused of downloading child pornography is blaming his cat. If one was talking about a single image, or perhaps even two or three, then you might be tempted to think that it is possible, unlikely, but possible.

However, the man, Kevin Griffin, is accused of downloading more than 1000 images onto his home computer. The idea that the cat sat around for most of the night downloading kiddie porn just does not seem possible.

Griffin's excuse is that he was downloading music at the time. He left the room, and when he came back the cat had managed to download all these strange images onto his computer. It sounds sort of like, "Officer, I am not as think you drunk I am!" Worth a shot, but just not convincing.

Sounds like Mr. Griffin could be in a spot of bother.

(Image courtesy of Greg Newington)


Brett said...

What's the problem? This is totally believable! That cat is a vindictive bitch. Bet she has a Twitter account too... ;-)

Rob Baiton said...


I guess I never looked at it that way.

And, Facebook too.