14 August 2009

Priests, Children, Grooming, Chatting, and Sex...

Robert Fuller, a 54-year-old Catholic priest, has been arrested and refused bail for allegedly attempting to groom a child under 16 for sex. Fuller is the parish priest at Liverpool. The long story short is that police masquerading as a 13-year-old girl had a series of 25 sexually explicit chats, on Yahoo7, with Fuller during July and August, where it is alleged that Fuller tried to lure the "non-existent" girl to a meeting for the purposes of having sex with her.

Strangely enough, Fuller expressed during one of the chats that he was a little worried about getting into trouble because of the girls age. However, according to the "facts" that the police have tendered to the court this did not stop Fuller from turning on his web cam and masturbating during one of the chats with the police officer from the Child Exploitation Internet Unit of the Sex Crimes Squad. All the while the priest was masturbating he was allegedly encouraging the girl to masturbate as well.

All involved, the Magistrate, the Police Prosecutor, and the Defence lawyer all concede that the case is a solid one.

I am guessing that the image above is not a web cam capture of the priest flogging himself silly.

Look, if two consenting adults want to have a bit of a chat and it is on topics that might pique the sexual interest of both and they find other associated activities get them to where they want to be, then so be it. However, where adults target children for sexual activity, then there is a line that is clearly crossed and these adults must feel the full force of the law.

This is certainly a WTF moment. Like, Father Fuller WTF were you thinking!

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