16 August 2009

George Mason and Press Freedom...

"The freedom of the press is one of the great bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained but by despotic governments."

George Mason
Virginia Bill of Rights
June 12, 1776


Tracy said...

Excellent post; very thought provoking. It's always terrible to hear about people from other countries being treated in ways that are not comfortable and are unfair by our government. On the other hand, the situation is not so simple. There are terrorists out there and I seriously doubt that one can tell who is who by just looking at them (as I write this I recognize that part of the whole issue is that specific types of people are being singled out to be questioned due to some sort of profile research - so in a way we are judging by looks). I do not want people mistreated, but I do not want another 9/11, and I do not have the answer.

Rob Baiton said...


I thanked you for dropping by with your other comment, so no need to do that again, right?

Yes and no. Things or issues may not always be simple, but there are some basic values that we all share and we must all strive to protect them.

The idea of profiling, for example, I find wrong on so many levels. In my mind, profiling in many ways is a self-perpetuating evil in that at some point those that are being continuously profiled just accept that this is what "they" are. For me this is a sad indictment of "us" as human beings.

We need to embrace difference, but at the same time be respectful of those differences that make us unique.

What is the answer? This is a good question. Perhaps the final answer is a long way off, but we do need to make a start somewhere, and this could be with each of us in our own little way and in our own little circles promoting respect, and tolerance, and love, and peace, and a world in harmony with itself.

Just a thought.