13 June 2008

Organic Alcohol

Is it a fad? Is it going green for the environment? Do you feel any better the morning after?

These might be some of the questions one asks themselves when considering an order of organic alcohol! There are at least three major hotel chains who have jumped on the organic alcohol wagon: the Marriott, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Kimpton Hotels. It is also worth noting that the most frequently swearing chef on the planet, Gordon Ramsay, is carrying organic alcohol in his newest restaurant.

It seems that a company called Square One is leading the way in organic spirits.

So, what does it take to be certified organic? Simply, there can be no herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers used at any stage of the process. Furthermore, no nitrogen or other chemicals can be used during the distilling process. I wonder if this means that the producers get the odd batch that is not drinkable?

Well, now that I know I can order organic, I might have to duck down to the Marriott or the Ritz after work and see if Indonesia is up with the trend towards organic spirits. If not then it might be off to the Ranch Farm to buy some organic produce of my own. I am sure I can learn to build a distillery on the Internet...I can see thriving underground business potential!


Anonymous said...

I just read about this in a local newspaper here few days ago. They claimed that organic alcohol wouldn't give that much hangover the next day as the ordinary alcohol. We'll see :)

Rob Baiton said...

I guess it is going to depend on how much of the stuff you drink :D

rimafauzi said...

this is GENIUS!!! Muslims in Indonesia will drink this - Because they think durian and tape (fermented cassava or rice or glutinous rice) that actually contains alcohol is ok for them to consume, because it's natural and organic.

The company will be a big hit! (I should have thought of this earlier. damn it!)

Rob Baiton said...

There is still an opportunity to be had...Don't give in so easily to the idea that someone else is already onto it :D