22 June 2008

The Lives of the Rich and Famous -- 50 Cent

I like 50 Cent and I often punch out my written work while damaging my ear drums to the tunes of Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent. I guess I enjoy the music because the lyrics are real and reflect real life experiences and it is so much in your face all of the time. Let's face it I heard "It's ya birthday" on Oprah so what more of an endorsement can one get?

This post though is not so much about the music but about the legal troubles 50 Cent has with his former girlfriend and the mother of his 10-year old son. Shaniqua Tompkins has won a restraining order against 50 Cent which includes a provision that he must surrender all guns in his possession. I wonder whether there is a legal technicality here as it relates to access to guns. Does the temporary restraining order require all those associated with 50 Cent to hand in their weapons as well.

In any event it is being reported that he has no guns and his lawyer, Brett Kimmel has said, "To my knowledge, he has no guns". The restraining order also requires that 50 Cent stay away from Tompkins and presumably his son.

The whole affair is a nasty money battle based on Tompkins belief that she is entitled to half of the 50 Cent fortune, which by all accounts is considerable. Tompkins claim is based on an oral agreement. An oral agreement or contract is technical enforceable but the burden of proving whether such an agreement has been made is often difficult without the ability to provide corroborating testimony to the agreement.

The fight has become increasingly bitter and ugly. The house that Tompkins and her son live in, and which is owned by 50 Cent was burned to the ground last month. The police have said that investigations are ongoing and that the fire is still classified as being suspicious. At the time, Tompkins said that the fire was started on the orders of 50 Cent and it was not an attempt to intimidate her but it was an attempt to permanently silence her by killing her.

This has prompted a defamation action by 50 Cent, who has denied any involvement in the fire, for USD 20 million in a Connecticut Superior Court against Tompkins for the statements she made to the media.

My guess is this thing is destined to get even uglier, if such a thing is possible, before it is finally resolved.

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