23 June 2008

Pele -- Robbed At Gunpoint

Being arguably one of the world's greatest ever football players and declared a national treasure by your government does not make you immune from crime. It is probably a bit of an understatement to say that there is a crime problem in Brazil but maybe this robbery of Pele might inspire the government to do something about the crime rate. Then again probably not!

The reports are that the crime occurred on 13 June in Santos in the south of Sao Paulo State. In the robbery Pele was robbed of a gold necklace, a watch, and a mobile phone, and presumably any cash that he was carrying.

Now, if the reports are true the man has some serious testicular fortitude. It is reported that Pele was sitting in the front passenger seat of the car when it was stopped by 10 or so youths armed with guns and knives. The report goes on to say that Pele rolled down the window and identified himself but was robbed anyways. I would reckon the last thing that most people would be doing in their panic is rolling down the window.

The reports are not saying why it has taken so long for this to become public. However, it seems that perhaps Pele himself did not bother to report the crime.

Well, I guess that is life in Brazil.

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