24 June 2008

Testosterone and Depression

An Australian study has highlighted that low levels of free testosterone are linked to increases in the likelihood of depression, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, muscle and bone loss, and decreased sexual performance. Those most at risk are older men, those who are obese, smokers, and anyone in poor health.

In fact the study showed that those with low naturally occurring levels of free testosterone were 271 percent more likely to show signs of depression.

For me this is the perfect example of a loophole in the laws against steroid use. Doctors can prescribe testosterone products to those with a medical need. Therefore, anyone looking to get a happy boost might want to pay a trip to their local doctor.

The report can be found in Archive General Psychiatry, 65: 283-289, 2008.


Polar Bear said...

A bit of a catch 22 Rob: If my testosterone level drops and I don't feel like being frisky with Therry then of course I get depressed.

On the other hand even the thought of that rumoured double act with Rima perks me up no end.
Oh ‘scuse me, did I just make that mess……

Rob Baiton said...

Not all of us are as fortunate as you PB!

I was actually thinking that this might be a way to get some steroids in a "legal" way and then go work out for some rapid gains...

The idea being you would get that hard bod and at the same time have a somewhat increased libido and if used in the right dosages it probably would not shrink the gob smackers hanging under the ice lolly!

But sounds like you don't need to worry!