24 June 2008

Trivial Trivia and Other Useful Information

Fleas have caused more human deaths than all wars put together.

In Aussie slang, the term for underwear is "grundies."

A recent study showed that as many as 16 million people alive today, about .5% of the population of Earth, are descendants of Genghis Khan.

"Sphenopalatineganglioneuralgia" is a medical term for ailment known as "brain freeze."

Viagra was invented in the town of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales.

President Lyndon Johnson had two beagles named Him and Her.

In December 1993, there were just 623 sites on the Internet.

A male ballet dancer is a "ballerino."

According to researchers, over a 60-plus-year period, the groundhog has accurately predicted the coming of spring only 28 percent of the time.

Chartreuse (yellow-green) is the most visible color to the human eye.

Mr. Clean has a first name. It's Veritably.

Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis once took a break from acting to study shoemaking.

About five percent of the U.S. potato crop goes to make McDonald's French fries.

The first disposable diaper was called a "Boater."

A blink lasts approximately 0.3 seconds.

In Thailand, it's illegal to leave your home if you're not wearing underwear.

The shotput used by male athletes weighs 16 pounds.

The proper name for a crash test dummy is "Anthropomorphic Test Device."

Hemingway once wrote a story in just six words. The entire story was, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." He considered it his best work.

The average person receives eight birthday cards annually.

The above list was borrowed from here.

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