16 June 2008

Public Sex -- Who Cares?

This might be a brazen attempt to boost my blog statistics, at least as they relate to page views and visitors, then again it might just be a funny picture that needs to be posted to ensure that it spreads far and wide.

I have posted a few entries of late on pornography, indecency, obscenity, and the like. However, this picture (perhaps photoshopped) of a man and woman engaging in sexual intercourse through a wall is when it is all said and done a photo of a statue. I wonder what your thoughts on this would be if we were to assume that this is not photoshopped but in fact a real statute commissioned by a government?

Anonymous sex in public places. Sounds like a fantasy that many might harbour to me (although not me anymore as I am happily married -- and I am not making any comments on any pre-marriage fantasies that I may have held)!

This photo / picture I have definitely seen before, but once again I am borrowing from the Boys Night Out blog.

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Rob Baiton said...

Thought some reader out there in the blogosphere might have been tempted to comment on this risque post.