18 June 2008

Suicide -- A Follow Up

A note just in case you are wondering. The couple of recent posts on suicide is not a warning sign that I am thinking about ending it all. Morbid fascination with the idea of how someone reaches that point.

There are reports of another suicide in a small Welsh town, Bridgend, which makes this the 22nd suicide in the area in the last 18 months. The suicide of Carwyn Jones makes it 3 suicides from the same street in a matter of months.

The community is at a loss to explain the multiple suicides. Yet, explainable or not there seems to be a clear need to set up some kind of community support program to provide avenues for people to come to terms with their depression or stress.

I have family connections to Wales hence the reason I came across this sad and tragic news. I must add none of my family are from this part of Wales.

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