18 June 2008


I am a bit of a Picasso fan. I like his work as it is pleasing to my eye. I am not an art critic and I am not a big art fan. I like what I like for no other reason than I like it. You could ask me about post 19th Century abstract painters and generally my answer would be to scratch my head and say something like, "yeah, bizarre!"

However, the sale of a Picasso painting, Sylvette, smashed the Australia record for the price paid for a piece of art. The painting went for a cool AUD 6.9 million. Now, having admitted to liking Picasso's work, I am not sure I would have parted with almost 7 million large for it! Then again if I had a cool 7 million unspent then maybe I would have splashed out!

Nice painting! Nicer price!

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