23 June 2008

A Schapelle Corby Story With A Twist

In light of the first half of the new documentary about Schapelle Corby and her trip into Kerobokan prison hell in Bali, "Schapelle Corby: The Hidden Truth", the Transport Workers Union are now demanding an apology from Corby's legal defence team. The demand for an apology stems from the defence's contention that the drugs were planted in Corby's boogie board bag by corrupt baggage handlers who were part of an international drug smuggling operation.

Tampoe was fired from the Corby defence team after she was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years. Maybe there is an axe to grind or this is a fella looking for another 15 minutes of fame. The photo is of Robin Tampoe.

Robin Tampoe, who was part of the defence team and by his own account the architect of this particular defence strategy, has admitted that the whole strategy was a complete fabrication and a figment of his obviously broad imagination. The unsubstantiated allegation definitely defames all baggage handlers and suggests that there is a culture of corruption in Australian airports that allows for such things to occur. Now that this sleazy little allegation has been clarified as nothing more than one man's vivid imagination should an apology be forthcoming. Simple answer, probably not.

The other Tampoe claim relates to the former Foreign Minister in the Howard government, Alexander Downer. Tampoe claims that Downer was more aware of what was going on than he ever publicly stated. The claim includes a suggestion that Downer said there was a need to look at the brothers. The Foreign Minister was undoubtedly briefed as were his staff about what was going on. The case had a high profile and involved an Australian citizen overseas facing charges that were likely to see her do serious jail time. Is it possible that Downer took a special interest in the case? It is possible but how active an interest has been played down by Downer himself on the radio over the last couple of days. Nevertheless, the former Foreign Minister has admitted that he did ask if there was any other family members involved. A simple question though is hardly evidence of any particular interest.

Life goes on!


GJ said...

Hi Rob
Do you know if she was travelling with her Brother at the time of the arrest?? I seem to recall that somewhere.

GJ said...

Sorry Rob,

Should read your posts in chronological order in the future rather than the other way round. It will save looking like a goose!!!

Rob Baiton said...


I guess that means that you found out that she was traveling with James Kisina at the time.

My understanding was that the brother picked the bag up off the carousel and then Corby claimed it as hers.

GJ said...


I believe her when she says " I didn't put that stuff there" or "That's not mine" the trouble I have is is she says "I don't know how that got there" or "I don't know who's that is".

She was the fall girl!!!

GJ said...

BTW, I have a friend in AUS who has her brother under lock and key on Woodford Prison.

Rob Baiton said...


He's doing time for a home invasion and drug offences, right?

CF said...

Didn't the Australian Government pay those Gold Coast lawyers some fees? We, the tax payers are out of pocket because of some egotistical little man wanting to make a name for himself and then apparantly get rich on his book account of the case. He duped all of us. He is nothing but a liar. I thought lawyers had an ethical duty not to mislead the courts. He should be struck-off as a lawyer.

Rob Baiton said...


Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

I believe that lawyers do have an ethical obligation not to mislead the courts.

The silliness of this is that if Tampoe had not fessed up to the whole baggage handler thing being a figment of his imagination, then it is a plausible possibility albeit unlikely.

Now that he has admitted that it was never a real defence should the relevant authorities be looking at his conduct a little more closely?

Yep, there was tax payer money involved here.

He strikes me as a fella looking for his 15 minutes of fame over and over again.

I have not heard or read any commentary that suggests this bloke is a good lawyer or had the requisite skills he would have needed to truly be of assistance to Corby.

Maybe this is and was a bad choice on the Corby family's part to hire the equivalent of an ambulance chaser!

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