27 June 2008

Skating Police

An article on the latest creative attempt by police to tame Jakarta's unruly traffic appeared in the Jakarta Post by way of the Associated Press last week that highlights the benefits of an innovative inline skating police force. This force is going to skate into heavily jammed areas and start directing traffic. It is expected that this will enable police to get to trouble spots quicker than they could if they were in vehicles or motor bikes.

For my mind mountain bikes might have been a wiser choice for this purpose. Any resident of Jakarta will readily and quickly tell you that the condition of roads leaves a lot to be desired and the footpaths are not any better. Most people can close their eyes and see the images now; police officers falling over all over the place, going feet first into uncovered storm water drains, and getting smashed by cars or buses running red lights. This just does not seem like that good idea on second thoughts!

The inline skating force will initially be 20 officers. These officers are undergoing specialized training and the police have hired a qualified and professional inline skating instructor to put the force through its paces. The force is expected to deploy on 1 July.

I am a bit of a skeptic on this one but would be happy to be proven wrong!


GJ said...

Rob it's irrelevant what method they use to get there the problem comes when they arrive. Jakarta police directing traffic what a joke. The reason we have some traffic jams is because these morons stand there waving a "Glo-Stick", they have absolutely now clue on traffic control. It would be just another publicity stunt, to appear as something was being done.

Rob Baiton said...


I guess that is my skeptical take on it as well! Nevertheless, it is kind of amusing to envisage a couple of coppers strapping on the inline skates and then skating a couple of kms on Jakartan roads :D

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