13 June 2008

Still Missing My Dogs

Although the days pass into weeks and the weeks pass into months the sense of loss has not really started to recede. It is hard to lose something that has been such a great and fun part of your life for so many years in a mere heartbeat! Chockie has been gone now since 6 December 2007 and I still think about her everyday! Unyil has been gone since 12 May 2008 and I still think about her everyday too!

I trust they are both keeping each other company in puppy dog heaven and are having the time of their lives, so to speak, and enjoying each other's company once again!

As I was rummaging through boxes to find a paper that I want to publish, I came across these two photos. I asked the better half (a.k.a. "the missus") to scan them and send them to me. The original photos are prints and not digital. I might add I stopped looking for the paper when I re-discovered the photos.

I am sure the better half is doing it at least as tough as I am. We miss our dogs!


rimafauzi said...

cute dogs, realy cute.

cute missus too.

rob, you lucky dawg you! ;)

Rob Baiton said...

Thanks on both counts...

Yep, I have posted before that I am a lucky bastard!

JennieSBev.com said...

OOT: Wow, Rob, you must type so fast to post so many entries per day!

Btw, my dog Opi has just died due to old age (17 years old). She lived with my mom in Jakarta. I share your pain.

therry said...

Wow, Jen, you must've done pretty well to have prolonged your dog to live up to 17 years!!

Rob, your pups are gorgeous, especially the black and white tan one. The golden one looks chubby, which is just adorable.

Gosh I love dogs.

Rob Baiton said...


My condolences on your loss! That is a ripe old age for a dog and a good innings as we would say in Australia. Nevertheless, it is still painful -- thanks for sharing!

Some stuff just interests me and then I type about it! NO big deal really...I have said many times before that the whole point of blogging for me is like a release valve.

I have all this stuff bouncing around the inside walls of my noggin that just need a a forum to be released into!

Hopefully, I humour some people in the process :D


Yep, they were great little dogs!