13 June 2008

The Powers of Persuasion

The Indonesian Vice President, Jusuf Kalla, is of the opinion that the Ahmadiyya sect can be brought back into the Islamic mainstream through gentle and consistent persuasion. The VP uttered some classics during a recent visit to the Syeh Zainuddin Nadhlatul Wathan Islamic Boarding School in East Lombok while talking about the appropriateness of the government's response to the Ahmadiyya situation.

These include:

"Should there be any teachings incongruous to mainstream Islam, our job is to provide religious guidance and avoid violence, because this is not the Stone Age."

"It is the duty of all Muslims to make our brothers realize the truth and return to the fold of true Islamic teaching." (I guess there are no female followers in the Ahmadiyya sect or if they are then they just do not count!)

True Islamic teaching doesn't condone violence. We have to imitate the Prophet's proselytizing methods, especially since it is easier now because of the mass media, such as newspapers and television."

I wonder what the VP's approach will be when his methods of persuasion fall short. The followers of Ahmadiyya do not appear to be abiding by the joint decision prohibiting the practice of their religious activities. It seems that the persuasion idea still has a long way to go!

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