18 June 2008

Visit Indonesia 2008

I have written about the Visit Indonesia 2008 for other reasons earlier in the year.

It seems that the year is now in full swing and you can click on their site and get a calendar of events that you may attend if any should take your fancy.

There are events literally from Sabang to Merauke throughout the year. I am sure you will find something that catches your interest and to which you can attend. The link for the calendar is here.

The site is in English for those that are visitors and non-native speakers of Indonesian.

They are running a poll on the site which asks a couple of questions about the thing you would most like to have as a tourist. The clear winner at this stage is a free visa. This is followed by wanting discounts on airfares and hotels.

Indonesia is a wonderful tourist destination that is rich in history and diverse cultures. It is well worth a long visit. Indonesia is a big country and you will need either a long visit or a commitment to keep coming back to look at a different part of her each time you return.

In the 15 years that I have lived here I have been fortunate to see and visit many places throughout this vast archipelago. Yet, there is still so much more that I have not seen that I am likely to need another 15 years to knock over the rest of the sites and sounds.

I hope that the Visit Indonesia 2008 is a success.


Rishardana said...

Hi Pak Rob,

Wow, I am very proud you took the time to write about Visit Indonesia.

Visiting Indonesia is not effortless, people will win some and lose some. We are forever learning how to be more effective in transportation infrastructure.

The tradition of ‘Jam Karet’ and the chaotic way of life can make any traveler lose their cool. Perhaps if people look beyond the frustration, there’s beauty lies behind all that :D

I guess people with some sense of adventure, patience, and guts, would enjoy their trip better, and in reward they get to see some of the most stunning scenery around.

Thanks for writing this.

Rob Baiton said...


Indonesia is so much more than "jam karet" and traffic jams! Maybe some tourists lose their cool but I tend to think it is longer term expat residents that might get a little more frustrated.

Simply, tourists are here for the experience and the adventure and in many ways they take whatever presents itself.

The good things about Indonesia far outweigh the bad however half the battle is convincing Indonesians themselves that there is something worth fighting for.

It is a small and vocal few that tarnish the whole. It is the old cliche of one bad apple spoils the bunch. We are focusing on the minority and not the majority.

Maybe one day the Indonesian government will realize this and do what needs to be done!

Thanks for stopping by!