16 June 2008

World Naked Bike Ride -- 2008

World Naked Bike Ride is an event that has been happening for a number of years. However, I do not recall having ever heard of it!

The rides take place in more than 70 countries. It has expanded to include non-pedal power means of transport such as roller skating, inline skating and the like. The ride is to protest "indecent exposure to cars" and in particular the pollution of cars.

The photos are from the Sao Paulo (Brazil) and London (United Kingdom) protests / rides.

This is from Sao Paulo. I have to say there seems to be many more clothed than unclothed people riding bikes. However, it should be added that full nudity in public places in Brazil is apparently illegal! It would seem that the camera person knows which of the riders they want to photograph!

Nah...this is what I call a real kick in the nuts! This is one unhappy copper and it is likely to be one unhappy bike rider who might not be riding a bike for a while if the police officer manages to connect with the big right kick! Take a look at the expression on the copper's face; he's not messing around on this one!

This is a photo from the London event! This fella has a billboard big enough that he could have written a few other slogans for the day. I hazard to guess that he does not get the bike out of the garage all that often!

Saving the best till last! It seems like the route is spectator lined. I wonder why?


therry said...

that brazilian dude with the bike helmet has a lovely bod!

it's amazing how people in the western countries can walk around in nudity without any embarassments at all.

well it also helps if you have a nice, muscle-bound six pack bod like that dude. but not if you look like a pregnant man but that didnt stop him either! lol

Polar Bear said...

Nice G string......

GJ said...

Rob, not sure I want you editing the "nude" shots anymore, that front on one.............no lunch for GJ today!!!!

Surely there were better shots, we could always argue artistic merit!!!

Rob Baiton said...


Takes all sorts!


Did say that I saved the best till last! :D


Not arguing on artistic merit...most of the photos highlighted that the men that participated were the more likely to be naked!

Most of the women were clother on a naked bike ride?