16 June 2008

Drinking and Driving -- Shante Broadus (aka Mrs. Snoop Dog)

This is why you should make sure you do yourself up before you go out on the town! The wife of Calvin Broadus Jr (aka Snoop Dog), Shante Broadus, has been arrested for drink driving. The alleged offence occurred in Fullerton, California, at 12.15am on Saturday.

There is no issue as to whether celebrities or their spouses can drink. The issue though is that they should not think themselves above the law. Drinking and driving is stupid! You will eventually kill yourself or kill someone else! If you drink take a cab!

I would have thought that having three kids might have been incentive enough not to be quite so stupid as to drink and drive.

As I said, if you're going to do something stupid and it is going to end with a mug shot, then it is probably a wise decision you make sure you look your best before that mug shot finds its way onto the Internet and the news media of the world! Better still the police should have to provide a make-up room so that you can freshen up before the happy snappy is taken!


GJ said...

Hey Rob,
Your making so asumptions here. Maybe this is her best look!!!

Rob Baiton said...

Nah...not making assumptions!

Her made-up happy snappy looks pretty good. I can post it if you want :D