16 June 2008

Celebrity Mug Shots

Mel Gibson in his classic mug shot. This shot was taken after a drunken evening that included a rant about Zionist conspiracies and other Jewish plots -- Drink Driving! (nice curl too!)

Nick Nolte in anothe classic mug shot. The fella looks like he has had a big night. Just looking at the wildness of the hair tells the story! Mug shot from 2002 -- Drink Driving!

For the classic "deer caught in the headlights" mug shot, one need go no further than this Hugh Grant shot! Look how sheepish he looks as he realizes that this shot is about to go around the world and everyone is about to find out just how flexible one needs to be in a BMW to get the "job" done! Mug shot is from 1995!

Lindsay Lohan -- Nuff said!

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