15 June 2008

Ernesto "Che" Guevara

The legend of "Che" is not diminishing over time. To the contrary, the legend of Che grows every year as many little people from countries far and wide invoke the ideals of a man who many consider to epitomize the struggle against oppression.

Che may not be a universally loved figure but that does not seem to limit the following that has developed over the years since his death.

This is highlighted in the Argentine city of Romario where the city has decided the best way of honouring one of their native sons is to commission and unveil a statue of Che Guevara. The statue was unveiled on Saturday and attracted thousands of people paying homage to the man on the 80th Anniversary of his birth. The statue is a 4-metre high bronze representation of the former guerrilla (photo courtesy of AP).

Interestingly, the statue was made from 75,000 bronze keys donated by Argentines from across Argentina.

Che was captured and executed in 1967 while in Bolivia while struggling to put together another uprising against brutal oppression.

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