03 June 2008

Dope Smokers -- Public Service Announcement

This is a Public Service Announcement for all of my readers who smoke at least a joint a day. For the rest of you occasionally smokers I am not sure if this research applies to you!

An Australian study of heavy dope smokers, that is at least 5 joints a day for a decade, has found that this will shrink your brain. I guess the results would apply to those of you who prefer bongs and bust 5 cones a day as well.

The shrinkage is in the vicinity of 12% and seems to target the areas of your brain that deal with emotions and memories. This was combined with a 7% reduction in the areas of your brain that deal with fear and aggression.

So, in other words, you become a person without emotions because you cannot remember anything but you're never angry and fear nothing! I guess this why we have that drugged out phrase of, "Peace Man", because you cannot remember names and you have no fear or aggression.

There is nothing in the report that says it effects your sex life or the size of your family jewels. There is also nothing about the dreaded munchies and your fondness of refrigerators.

I figure the occasional joint to take the edge off has gotta be OK, right?


GJ said...

On the occasional joint, it probably depends on how big your brain is to start with!!!!!!
Is there a scotch study???
I would join if they supplied the scotch. Does that make me cheap????


Rob Baiton said...

If I see anything related to a scotch study, you will be the first person I think to contact!

Makes you thrifty!