03 June 2008

Drink & Drive -- Stupid!

Anyone that has ever had a drink too many and driven their car or those of you who have thought about it -- take a look at this picture (photo courtesy of AP) and then think again!
Anyone who drinks and drives is stupid. It is by far the most idiotic thing that a person can do.

This picture was taken on the US - Mexican border. My understanding is that the bike race was taking place in Mexico (Playa Bagdad and Matamoros). Apparently not far from Brownsville in Texas.

The result: one dead and ten injured. This seems to be a little miraculous when you look at the potential carnage in the photo!

Drink and drive -- STUPID!


GJ said...

Let me guess the driver wasn't the fatality............

Rob Baiton said...

Nope...It was one of the cyclists!