03 June 2008

Multiple Orgasms & The Australian Parliament

This gripping headline is not as gripping as it might seem! This is in spite of the fun that can be had with multiple orgasms in general. It appears there is a direct relationship between these multiple orgasms and genetically modified organisms. It appears that at least one of Australia's Federal politicians cannot quite tell the difference yet between a genetically modified organism and a genetically modified orgasm.

The mind boggles at the miracles of modern medicine and modern science. However, the ability to genetically modify an orgasm sounds just too good to be true. Think about it for a second or two, longer if you want! For those that have never had an orgasm, your problems are solved (if indeed it is a problem), you can now be genetically modified to orgasm till your heart is content. On the flip side, so to speak, presumably if you orgasm too often then you can get yourself genetically modified to orgasm on a less frequent basis.

Seriously folks the story is not really one of orgasms at all but organisms and whether or not the government should permit them to be genetically modified. Anyways, it would seem that the Liberal Member for La Trobe, Mr. Jason Wood, still has a little ways to go on working out what constitutes a genetically modified organism and a genetically modified orgasm!

Keep your eyes peeled and your legs crossed because there might just be a genetically modified orgasm coming your way!


treespotter said...

you guys are hopeless!!

PS: like your FPI comment, would like to comment on that, but will do when i have the energy - i am thoroughly exhausted.

also, i haven't got your mail?

Rob Baiton said...

Yep, hopeless!

I will check on the mail thing...I am at work so there is a possibility it has been sucked into some internal black hole...