02 October 2008

Goaded Into Suicide

This is a story out of Derby in England and it is a sad indictment of the ways in which our communities are developing. Having spent about three hours in trying to talk Shaun Dykes, a 17-year-old Derby lad, down from the roof of the Westfield shopping center, the police were horrified that the young fella finally decided to end it all and jump to his death.

Even more horrifying is what went on below. The police cordoned off the area but this did not stop a crowd from gathering. What is truly disturbing is that there were people in the crowd urging the the young man to jump. It is being reported that someone yelled out, "How far can you bounce?"

Not surprisingly, the young fella jumped to his death. Then the story just gets very sad. People broke through the police cordon and starting photographing the body with their mobile cameras.

I guess this is what they mean by citizen photojournalism.

Depression is a serious illness and one that needs professional help and intervention where necessary. This kid apparently jumped to his death over a failed relationship.

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