26 October 2008

To My Followers...


I appreciate that you follow what I am writing.

I have reciprocated where I can.



Mei said...

Hei Rob,

I just read the news at kompas.com about "Syekh Puji" who married an underage girl (12yo) and made her his 2nd wife and he's proud of it. He said that he's gonna marry another 2 girls (which are 9yo and 7yo). MUI only said that people are discouraged to follow this act and nothing else. Are you interested in discussing this issue in your blog? at least i would love to know your opinion about it.

Have a nice weekend.

Migo said...


I agree with Mei. I actually have been looking for your post re. this Syekh Puji matter. Have you posted anything yet?

From what I have read in Jakarta Post and Kompas, I can only say that the world is going mad with such thing happening.

Have a nice Sunday afternoon!

schmerly said...

I think it’s disgusting, he’s just a pervert using religion as an excuse to satisfy his paedophile’s tendencies.

Rob Baiton said...


I had read the news. It was a shake of the head moment but I gotta say I am not surprised.

I will write about it later tonight. Just arrived home from Bandung.

On the MUI. Most people know what I think about those fellas.

Weekend was long and tiring. But I always enjoy taking the train to and from Bandung. I like trains!


Sorry to disappoint. I will get onto it and post something tonight. Not sure why people are interested in my opinion on this. But ya 'll know I will have one :D


Gotta be called what it is! It is wrong and bloke meets the definition of pedophile. There are no ifs, buts, or maybes on this one.

It would be nice to see a lot more Muslims coming out and saying that the practice is wrong and cannot be tolerated. It would be even better if this was not just Muslim women but Muslim men saying this is not what our religion is about.

Yet, when it is all said and done the Prophet did marry a child and consummated that marriage while she was still a child.

The comments section is not the place to get into arguments of custom and tradition at the time and the fact that it was acceptable practice and the like.

It is not acceptable practice now and it should not be tolerated.

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tere616 said...

Hi Rob,
I think you have to appreciate the RSS and Google Follower, because they give us the ride to follow your post :-)

You're most welcome :-p

schmerly said...


I can’t understand why the JP even bothered to publish some of these comments:
Bunker Speckels (not verified) — Sun, 10/26/2008 - 6:51pm
This 12 year old jezzabell has forced this poor pious cleric to marry her by using her black magic on him... poor, poor man.
Rafiq Mahmood, Bogor (not verified) — Mon, 10/27/2008 - 8:38am
What is all the fuss about? The man was just following Sunnah. Surely Sharia is above secular law? This un-Islamic KPAI should be abolished. Females are dangerous and must be controlled. See, even cows can seduce vulnerable old men! Down with enlightenment! Long live culture and tradition!
I’m absolutely fuming about these comments, the whole thing just smacks of paedophilia from both the authors and this so called cleric!

Mei said...

Hei Rob,

I cant be more agree with Schmerly that this is such a matter that makes me truly upset to that guy and also the people who support this act by bringing the name of NABI and ISLAM.

Even my sis' in law (who is the true supporter of moslem unlike me) said that nothing is wrong with this act and said that NABI did the same thing. I couldnt understand how people can relate this thing with the dark era so many centuries ago when women werent equal as men?!

I couldnt help but wonder... Are most Indo people so blind and badly uneducated (stupid) that they think can follow other people's act without analysis and observation?

Rob Baiton said...

Cat Health Problems...

Why? Do I know you? This is the first time I have seen you commenting here in my humble little abode.

Thanks for the comments by the way.


I appreciate that others follow in different ways. I am not techno savvy enough to work out who is subscribing via RSS and who is doing the same as a google reader.

But when you link in as a follower I get to see your mug shot :D

Business Ops...

Why? and Thanks.


I will write my piece today. It is old news it seems as there is not much in today's Kompas about this thing (at least teh printed version which I scanned).

I do not have a problem with the JP publishing comments in support of this. Not everyone is against what the Syekh has done, pure and simple.

Is it pedophilia by definition, yes. Is it wrong, yes. Are people going to advance arguments that say this is permissible in Islam, yes.


It is interesting that families can be split on what they believe in this regard.

jaka said...

Hi Rob,

the pdf arrives without any problem. Thanks (A LOT). And your appreciation to your "followers" are warmly welcomed.