22 October 2008

Fashionable Veeps -- The Palin Cost

Choosing a Vice Presidential candidate does not come cheap when you are clothing a family of five kids and getting them looking all dapper to hit the campaign trail. The Republican National Committee has found this out as it has spent more than USD 150,000 since late August. Now, this is funny in that truly perverse kind of a way. The Republican ticket has been claiming how in touch it is with the problems facing America and ordinary citizens.

The problem as I would see it is that there are not many citizens earning that sort of money that they can be dropping more than 150K on accessorizing. Some of the bills that have been filed in public financial expenditure statements include an almost 50K shopping spree at Saks Fifth Avenue, a more than 75K bill from Neiman Marcus, and almost 5K in hair and make-up expenses.

This has caught the interest of campaign finance experts who have been quick to suggest that personal use items such as clothes and make-up are generally prohibited. Simply, campaign funds are not and cannot be used for personal items.

The RNC's initial response was to blow the whole thing off as politicking. However, the most recent response of the RNC has been to suggest that all of the goods that have been bought for the Palin's are going to be donated to charity after the campaign. In this case it seems that the Salvation Army store could be in for a windfall. It is not often you pick up Saks and Neiman goodies at bargain basement prices.

There is little doubt that the Democrats should get some good yards out of this one as the Democrat financial expenditure statements do not include any similar spending.

At least now the people, the citizens, those that are going to be casting ballots know how much it has cost to keep the Palins looking good!


lawbugger said...

Hey Im first!

Cant get too excited about this one Im sorry. Whey not give us some guff on the Einfeld case in good old Oz. Now there is a pearler.

But I guess from what I divined about you yesterday, you would not consider it a mere WTF, that an retired Australian judge is able to find a way to lie with impunity to the state.

I would assume also that Gareth Evans would be someone you might admire (watched him on TV last night). But having dwelt further on whether this might be true I decided against it when I remembered he heads the "International Crisis Group" - a name I expect you would find a bit too extreme: I suggest you might prefer to call it "International She'll be alright" Group".....

But I still like to read your blog!!

Rob Baiton said...


Congratulations on being first.

I have not seen any new news on Einfeld. I always thought that I might write on this.

Let me go back and re-read the clippings I have and I will make a post on the former judge :D

Einfeld is a WTF moment in the sense that he thought that he would not be found out when he suggested a dead woman was driving his car at the time.

I thought there was talk of disbarment or something in this case. As I said, I will go back and re-read my stuff and make a post.

Gareth Evans is an interesting fella. Nope, I do not find ICG to be too extreme in terms of a name. There are crises everywhere so it is not a misnomer or a bad choice.

Your sarcasm is not your strong suit :D and you misjudge me with the "she'll be alright" idea.

That is OK though. I am not offended.

lawbugger said...

Fair enough. Yes, check the recent HIgh court decision.

My sarcasm was only to emphasise my point that being sedate (sedang?) is fine, but there comes a point when "moving" or arguing democratically, as you do, might be understood as you just looking after yourself and letting democracy look after the problems of others...

Rob Baiton said...


High Court or Court of Criminal Appeal?

lawbugger said...

I read Ackland and Piers whathisname on this matter.,.... im interested in whether statutory interpretation sets precedent. Its revelance for where we both live is peripheral; but I think we would both agree about the limitations of legal systems - civil and common - and of its participats in both.

Ill check too; and on thinking about it you are probably right - NSW right?

boneman said...

well, getting to clothing...HA!
I just made a comment about enjoying everybody's bit on breasts. Yours, on moobs, was interesting.
Sice Mr. McCain is somewhat elderly, I can't help but to wonder if maybe he also wears a bra.
Oh, of course not.
But, as for finances? A fair amopunt of business men take clothing tax write offs, so, I suspect the $75k for the dress will find its way onto her tax sheet next April.

I don't get it, though.
I hate the way money has wormed its way into politics, and there doesn't seem to be any way to undo it, short of a major overhaul and, judging from the smilwes on every politician I've seen after the elections, they aren't about to change a single dot or doodle.

I mean, term limits sound good to almost everybody who isn't a politician, but, it sounds like soaking in a bathtub of poison ivy to Professional Politicians.
(yeah...that's what I call them)

They latch onto a soft spot and stay till they are bloated...
Like George Carlin said:
POLI from Latin, meaning many...
TICS a bloodsucking parasite.

Really fits, eh?

Well, I better get off, now. I tend to go off on these guys!
And, not unlike Will Rogers, I have no qualms about pointing out the scumsucking from both sides of the aisle. (we only have two sides in the US....how quaint)

Mr. Rogers' slogan for politicians was:
"Be a Politician. No Training Necessary!"
(maybe a good bra, but, no training)

Rob Baiton said...


George Carlin was a funny guy.

I guess rules are rules and if you break them buying clothes, then so be it.