21 October 2008

Blues Traveler

This is not really an album review. Although the latest Blues Traveler album, North Hollywood Shootout, is a good one. I do not know that it is the best they have done. I am always a little partial to their first self-titled album and Straight on Till Morning, Bridge, and Travelers and Thieves.

This post is more about the difficulty of finding the CDs of some bands here in Indonesia and in Jakarta specifically. The development of technology means that I do not have to buy CDs anymore because I can just download any tunes that I want from the Internet. However, sometimes I just like to buy the CD and have it in my collection.

I was surprised to find the Blues Traveler album the other day. I immediately grabbed it and asked the shop attendant if they had any more Blues Traveler. Her response was the expected one, "Huh, who?" She had never heard of them, but was real helpful and looked. There were none in stock. Then it was to the computer to see what was there, maybe another one of their stores had some of the Blues Traveler.

Unfortunately, they had none. For now, it will be enjoying Forever Owed, What Remains, The Queen of Sarajevo, and Free Willis from my latest Blues Traveler acquistion. I guess it is back to buying Blues Traveler from the Internet.

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