18 October 2008

New Passenger Fees at Soekarno-Hatta Airport?

The Tangerang Municipal Council is drafting a piece of legislation that will enable it to levy and collect retribution (fees) from passengers departing from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The terminal that will be affected by this is Terminal II. Terminal II is physically located within the Tangerang Municipality.

Funnily enough, the Council is calling the proposed fee, a donation. However, it is not likely to be a voluntary. Simply, if it was voluntary, then who would pay it. The collection of the Tangerang Municipal fee will occur at the same time as the departing passenger pays their regular departure tax.

The Council has yet to decide how much the fee will be. The fee can be up to 10% of the prevailing airport departure tax. My guess would be that the fee will be the maximum permissible.

This means that the fee is likely to be either IDR 2,500 and IDR 5,000 depending on whether you are departing on a domestic or international flight.

This is probably the first step in a more concerted effort by the Council to collect revenue that it is entitled to do under Indonesia's regional autonomy laws.


Brett said...

Hmmm... so what does Tangerang provide that justifies the levy - apart from the land?

Rob Baiton said...


Nothing that I know of.