05 October 2008

OJ Simpson -- Life in Jail?

OJ Simpson will be remembered by most as the bloke that got away with murder. This is in spite of stellar athletic achievements such as winning the Heisman Trophy as the best football player in the college ranks and his pro-football career. It is also in spite of a not so stellar movie career although he was known for his work in movies too.

In a trial that played out with much less fanfare than his murder trial, OJ Simpson and his partner in crime, Clarence Stewart, were found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping. These charges and now the conviction hold the possibility of a life in jail for Simpson. Many might argue it is about time.

The sentencing is not listed until 5 December 2008. The judge, Jackie Glass, rejected a bail application so it seems that Simpson is destined to spend the time from now until sentencing in jail. The defense has indicated that they will be lodging an appeal. It will be interesting to see what grounds they intend to advance in support of the appeal.

It seems that Simpson is going to pay a high price for his notoriety and his stupidity in being part of an armed robbery to reclaim sports memorabilia from a Las Vegas hotel room. If someone has stolen something from you and you know where it is then it would make sense that you call the local law enforcement officers to come in and take care of it. Most people would not think to form a posse and then take the law into their own hands.

This case turned with the testimony of Simpson's cohorts in the crime. Four of the posse turned State's evidence and struck plea deals and testified against Simpson. The provided their testimony to police long before any of them struck lucrative media deals to spill the beans publicly on Simpson. The defense however tried to paint the four as money grubbing hangers on looking to capitalize on their infamy in a financial way.

It seems that Simpson will do jail time this time around. Many will be hoping for a lengthy jail term. I guess we will find out on 5 December 2008 how much time. This might not be the justice that the families of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman were looking for, but one hopes that there is some small degree of relief for them that Simpson may finally be going to jail albeit for another crime.

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