01 June 2008

Robes and Masks -- Similarities and Differences

I feel that I need to make this post. If it offends, then so be it, I have very strong views on this based on the principles that I live my life by. Those of you that know me, will know this of me. I have never shied away from calling things as I see them and for what they are. This post is what it is!

There are no religious undertones here and there is no criticism of any religion. The criticism are directed solely at the organizations represented in this post! However, there is a comparison to be made and each person who reads this post (if any) will make that comparison based on their own individual world view.

I am a person who struggles for peace and tolerance. I am one who prefers dialogue and compromise (not of principles) to achieve goals.

I reject intolerance on all levels and do not countenance the friendship or favor of people who preach intolerance or hold views that are objectionable to me personally.

The two pictures I have posted here represent two organizations that I find objectionable because of the intolerance that they preach and code that they live by!

This is my personal opinion and feel free to criticize me for it.

The Islamic Defenders Front (Front Pembela Islam / FPI) is an organization claiming to represent the Islamic faith and preach hatred, incitement to murder, and persecution of those who hold differing views. The FPI has a history of violence.

The Ku Klux Klan or the KKK are an organization supposedly steeped deeply in Christian faith yet preach racial hatred and segregation not only for people of colour but also for non-Christian faiths and have a history of murder and violence in the name of their cause.

Maybe you can name instances where both organizations have done good for a local community. However, this in no way absolves them of the violence and mayhem they support elsewhere.

Just a personal musing. As I said I hold principles that reject intolerance in all its forms and irrespective of who holds the views, I will reject them. It is the way I have been brought up -- I embrace diversity.


tere616 said...

I wish our government will dissolve that FPI. Am afraid that once the government tolerate today's incidence, they will react like KKK.

Have the same value like you, I embrace the diversity.

Rob Baiton said...


The government says that it is going to act and take legal measures against those who act and perpetrate violence aginst others.

We'll see if they are as good as their word!

Therry said...

I always wonder about these people covering these religious extremist wearing robes and masks - what's with that? Are they fugly? Do they have scars on their faces? Tattoos on their skin?

Seeing the KKK photo reminds of Mississipi Burning, btw..

Rob Baiton said...


The allusion here is to the kind of racism and hatred that underpinned the beliefs of the clan as depicted in Mississippi Burning!

The racism and hatred that seems to underpin the philosophy of the FPI and other more radical Islamic groups in Indonesia and around the world must be viewed and considered with a high degree of concern by all people irrespective of their individual faith.

Rob Baiton said...

BTW...I think they must be of average appearance because if they were "beautiful" people then this would be a marketing dream!

Covering their faces makes it a little hard to sell anything but the mask!

GJ said...

I fully agree, and the only way I can deal with this is with some humour and a lot of hope. It seems they use a similiar tailor. At least get a bit of colour or pattern going with the hoods, guys.

What's wrong with Batik????????