11 June 2008

Poland -- Drinking and Giving Birth

Nah, there is stupid and then there is "stupid". This story comes out of Otwock on the outskirts of Warsaw in Poland. A mother turned up at the hospital to give birth and a blood test revealed that she was drunk in a legal sense with a blood alcohol reading of 1.2 grams of alcohol. Apparently, this equates to a bottle of wine or about 2 litres of beer.

What does this mean for the baby girl that this woman eventually gave birth to on Monday? It means that the baby girl was born with a blood alcohol reading that was at least 15 times the legal limit for an adult in Poland! In an adult this kind of alcohol limit is not likely to be fatal. It might leave you a little under the weather but is unlikely to kill you.
However, in a baby the impacts are wide ranging, long term, and only likely to manifest as the baby grows. The most likely of these is to developmental delays as a consequence of the damage the high concentration of alcohol may have done to the infant's brain.

In Poland the law provides that the mother is subject to penalties which include a term of imprisonment of up to five years.


Anonymous said...

It's strange to know how irresponsible some women (or mothers) can be. I saw a woman blowing her smoke of her cigarette to her baby daughter in the stroller. I mean, what was she thinking?

Rob Baiton said...

Sad, very sad!