08 June 2008

Munarman -- Komando Laskar Islam

It is a long way from Chair of the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation to Head of the Komando Laskar Jihad! However, it is a transition that Munarman seems to have made with relative ease.

I will write a more detailed entry on this whole thing later. I am currently posting from an Internet cafe in Kalianda (South Lampung) and I am really just posting some thoughts to satisfy a need to post.

Most recent reports of Munarman's death would be tragic not only for his family but for those hoping to see the man prosecuted for his alleged crimes. It is worth noting that there are also recent reports that the photo (above) doing the rounds as evidence of guilt is not in fact all that it seems to be. Similarly, the SMS of his death also is apparently not what is seems to be.

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