12 June 2008

Indonesian Tennis

Tennis in Indonesia has not generated as many stars as the other racquet game that Indonesia excels at, badminton! However, after a considerable interval between the last grand slam tournament champion, Indonesia may now claim another. Christopher Rungkat has partnered with a Finn, Henri Kontinen, to take out the French Open Junior Boys Doubles title.

Indonesia's last grand slam champion was Angelique Wijaja, who unfortunately after taking out a couple of grand slam junior titles has been ravaged by injury and has not translated her junior success into success at the senior level.

So, congratulations are in order for both Christopher and Henri on their success. May this be the start of a revival in interest in tennis in Indonesia. It is strange that in a country with such a large population that Indonesia has not been able to produce more champions and more players capable of competing with the best of the best on the world stage. Nah, if Switzerland with their small population can produce a Roger Federer, then the question is why cannot Indonesia produce a player of a similar caliber?

Just a thought!

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