01 June 2008

History's Worst Decisions

I have just finished reading a book titled, History's Worst Decisions and the People Who Made Them by Stephen Weir. I guess if you do not want to repeat history you need to know what history has been before you. However, no two circumstances are every exactly the same so perhaps we are doomed to repeat similar history!

The book is one of those that has an almost vice like grip on your brain as you start reading about the stupidity that has invaded the minds of some of history's biggest stars. It is almost voyeuristic in that you are taking a fleeting glimpse at history through the key hole.

The book starts out with Adam and Eve, the Original Idiots, and sets the rest of the stupidity that follows on the original sin.

The entries include classics such as the trade of Manhattan Island for Run Island by the Dutch by Johan de Witt. The Dutch seem to have erred in making that deal, don't you think?

Other entries include Custer and his last stand at the Little Big Horn, Winston Churchill's folly at Gallipoli, Maralinga and the British Nuclear Testing in Australia's outback, Union Carbide and Bhopal, Chernobyl, and Mugabe, among a total of 50 entries.

It is a great little read and does not take that long to plough through. I actually did it in one sitting over a great many hours! However, it was one of those books that has that perverse kind of attraction in that each time you go to put the book down you think, I will just read one more stupid decision and then go to bed, and then you end up reading it to the end.

Highly recommended.


GJ said...

So does it have GJ "not buying Google shares but T2 instead", that has to rate as at least top 10


Rob Baiton said...

Not yet!

Maybe it is in the next edition?