15 November 2010

Public Service Email Accounts for Personal Affairs: Inappropriate...

What was this bloke thinking? Seriously, a department-wide email to track down a girl! Steve Tucker decided that the girl he met at a party might be the girl of his dreams, but the night ended in a manner he did not like. Presumably, he did not get her contact details or she did not want to hand them over. The girl, who has yet to be identified  by anything other than "Olivia" who is tall and olive skinned, was supposedly staying with a colleague. So, the decision was made to send a department-wide email.

The department, Immigration and Citizenship, email system was utilised in order to track Olivia down.

Funnily enough, Tucker sensed that there would be repercussions for this 'inappropriate' use of the email system, but explained that despite any misgivings about the inappropriateness he felt it was a risk that he had to take. Well, that risk apparently is now being investigated by the relevant internal authorities at the department.

From my very vague recollections of employment law, this is unlikely to see Mr. Tucker fired. He is likely to be reprimanded for the inappropriate use. Let's face it, this is a slap on the wrist offense at best. He has not used the system to bag fellow colleagues or to send porn. He has used the system to track down a girl.

Nevertheless, that said, it would be interesting if DIAC did sack the bloke. I wonder if he would pursue an unfair dismissal claim?

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