26 November 2010

Show Me The Money!

This is surely one of those moments where your heart sinks to a place somewhere around your ankle level when you realise the magnitude of your stupidity. A British driver from Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex for some reason whacked £80,000 on the roof of his car and then drove off.

I am sure some people have stories where they have placed a bag on top of their car and driven off without getting the bag off the roof and into the car first or perhaps it is a mobile phone or even a can of Coke or something similar. But, £80,000 is a lot of cash to forget to put into the car before driving off.

In any event, the police have recovered some evidence from the scene of the loss and are treating the case as theft. It seems that whoever 'found' the cash took it out of whatever was holding it and left that behind, presumably with some fingerprints that may or may not lead to the perpetrator of the "theft". The report of the crime suggests that there is also CCTV footage of the "crime scene". So, maybe the owner of the money will get lucky.

It must have been a sight to behold when the man gets home and his wife says "so, honey where is the money that you drew out of the bank?" I am pretty sure that a throttling was on the cards.

I have never driven off with anything sitting on the roof of my car. I wonder, have you?

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