27 November 2010

Marketing 101: Distribution of Pornography...

A distribution of pornography case that does not on face value appear to involve Nazriel "Ariel" Irham of Peterpan (aka Peterporn) fame. Then again, when it goes to trial maybe the perpetrator in this case will claim that he was influenced by Ariel's attempts to distribute porn videos on the internet in order to boost sales of future albums.

This case is an interesting one because it involves the distribution of pornography to minors. The case is also one of stupid marketing ideas and no understanding of how easy this "dirty little secret" was going to come apart at the seams.

Mohammad Hisyam, a 21-year-old bakso seller and the father of one, decided that the best way to boost sales of his product was to provide free pornographic video content as entertainment while his clients ate their meatball soup (bakso).

However, the truly sad part about this is that Hisyam thought it was a good idea to show these skin flicks to primary school children. After all, the mixed-up logic here seems to be that he was parked right in front of a primary school and his largest demographic was primary school children, so pornography is the most likely gimmick to get more kiddies into the meatball soup of a morning and afternoon; idiot!

Apart from the stupidity and serious harm that Hisyam could conceivably do to impressionable primary school kiddies, it beggars belief that he believed that this marketing tactic was not going to be exposed in next to no time. The ever-increasing numbers of children knowing about the gimmick meant an ever-increasing chance of Hisyam being exposed, and he was. Hisyam's little scheme came undone when students started talking about the bakso vendor showing porn videos over a bowl of meatball soup.

It did not take the teachers very long at Kepuh Jarak State Primary School to get onto the police about this foolish man selling bakso with his free porn video entertainment side-line.

However, on the truly sublime front is that the marketing tactic saw sales rise from IDR 70,000 per day to a whopping IDR 80,000 per day. This is where common sense should have kicked in. If I get caught doing this then I potentially go to jail for 12 years and get fined a huge sum as well, are the risks worth the consequences. Common sense says NO!

So, Marketing 101: Distribution of Pornography, Mr. Mohammad Hisyam gets a FAIL!

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