18 November 2010

Oprah and a USD 68 Million Home in New Jersey...

I must confess, I have watched the Oprah Winfrey show more than a few times. I will probably continue to watch it every now and then, particularly now that she is honouring me by coming to my country, Australia, to do a few "live" shows. So, perhaps, I am guilty of contributing to her billion-dollar fortune and the possibility that she is going to buy a USD 68 million home in the Alpine Estates in New Jersey.

Oprah Winfrey has worked hard and she has worked hard for a long time to develop Harpo Productions and to make the money she has. I do not begrudge her her wealth, her fame or anything else that she has. I am wondering though, "why does she need to spend 68 million on a house with 19 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms spread out over 30,300 sq. ft of home?" After all, she has a partner, Stedman Graham, no kids and a few dogs, if I recall correctly. So, why does she need quite so much space? Is it just because it is there?

Even if her really, really, really good friend Gayle King was to move in and share some housing space, there are still more bedrooms than there are people.

Oh, if you are wondering the house also includes a carriage house, a library, a ballroom, a movie theater, sprawling English gardens, a salt-water pool, and a tennis court. As I said, a lot of space for a small family.

But, when it is all said and done, to each their own. Perhaps, if I had USD 68 million spare then I might be tempted to buy a little bigger than we probably need. And. let's face it, it is a pretty awesome looking spread that she is thinking of purchasing.


Noah Lirik Video said...

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Rob Baiton said...

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