22 November 2010

A Barack Obama Lookalike...

Indonesia the land where copyright equates to the right to copy. There is nothing that is too sacred and nothing that cannot be copied. Everything is fair game including Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America.

Ilham Anas bears an uncanny resemblance to President Obama. I am not convinced it is the separated at birth kind of resemblance. Yet, after a few beers and a couple of shots, he could conceivably pass as the president's double.

I cannot remember whether I had written a post about this. I am pretty sure that I have commented elsewhere around the place about Anas and the potential that he has to make a career out of his good fortune to resemble the most powerful man on earth.

Not that it matters, Gawker has recently written about the "wet dream" nature that the resemblance will have for the Tea Party.

Let's face it, a smoking Muslim Obama lookalike, does it get any better than that for those anti-Obama types.

Here is Anas in action.

It would seem that Anas has no interest in doing anything that harms Obama or the US. So, it would also seem that Anas and the Tea Party crowd have very little in common.

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