10 November 2010

What The F**K Has Obama Done So Far?

You might not know it, but the website "What the fuck has Obama done so far?" is pro-Obama. Funnily enough, there is a PG version called "What the heck has Obama done so far?"

The website lists the accomplishments of the Obama Administration to-date. The video comes from The Last Word. The article I found at The Huffington Post.

I guess that with Obama doing a swing though this part of the world I am paying a little more attention to all-things Obama. Besides, I kind of appreciate the sense of humour that this site exhibits. Then again, I am also impressed that the site has only been up and running for a week and has already had over four million hits. My blog has been up and running for much longer than that and I have only just gone over 400,000 hits. Maybe I should change the name of my blog :)


rima fauzi said...

yes you should change it into "what the fuck is rob doing blogging all day? he should be watching porn instead!"
That'll guarantee you 34 million hits in a week. ;)

Rob Baiton said...

@ Rima...

Thanks, I think ;)

Kimi said...

I have been blogging for two years and nine months, but hits stats still around in 13.700 hits. Sad, so so saaaad... #halah #lebay

@ Mbak Rima
LOL. Any idea for my blog's name so I can increase my hits stats? :))

Rob Baiton said...

@ Kimi...

I have been doing the blogging thing since July 2007.

But, to be honest, it has never really been about being the most famous or the blogger with the most hits.