12 November 2010


I am all for good causes, and this is one.

Prostate cancer is a killer of men, and it is killing us in ever-increasingly large numbers. Early detection is key. Any man who is 40-years-old really should consider getting checked out. Movember, the month formally known as November, also raises funds for depression.

Movember started in Australia. It has already spread to a number of other countries, including the USA, The Netherlands, Finland, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, UK, Ireland and Spain. Each of these countries has an official Movember. However, there is plenty of informal support in most other countries throughout the world.

So, if you can get involved, then you should. Men's health is important too!

By the looks of things, I am off to Target to buy a T-Shirt.

Maybe I should post photographs of the facial hair...then again, maybe not!

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