23 November 2010

Mouth-To-Mouth & CPR on a Dog...

How much do you love your dog?

Jessica Yeo loves her dog. Bella, an Australian Bulldog, had swallowed a bee. Bella had stopped breathing and her heart had also stopped. Yeo is an opera singer, a soprano, and undoubtedly has a pretty big set of lungs in her. She was going to need them when giving her dog the kiss of life.

According to Yeo, "Her gums turned white, her tongue turned blue, her eyes rolled back in her head and she stopped breathing and then her heart stopped". The first attempt was CPR performed by Yeo's partner. This did not work. Fortunately for Bella, Yeo was not going to be deterred. Bella was bailed into the car and the family headed to the nearest vet for assistance. All the way to the vet Yeo continued to give mouth-to-mouth to Bella.

Yeo's persistence paid off and Bella started to respond to the additional oxygen being blown into her system. On arrival at the vet, Bella was treated and after two hours was sent home.

All of the dogs we have ever owned have been like family, and we would have done anything and everything to save them if that was required.

I guess the question is "would you give your pet mouth-to-mouth in order to save it?"

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